Arts in Education

September 11-17, 2016, was Arts in Education Week. It was designated by Congress in 2010, and is always the second Sunday of September. Across the nation, schools celebrated the effective influence that music, theater, dance and visual arts can have on the lives of students. It has been found that schools throughout America that have “regular” classrooms, including arts-related activities, offer a stronger education to their students. Study upon study has proved that students perform better in school when they are involved in some sort of art class. This then allows them to succeed in work and life after school. Lately, in Washington D.C., the new Every Student Succeeds Act was signed into law, replacing the Every Child Left Behind Act. This new act enables students to partake in the arts at school, and for districts throughout the nation to create schools that embrace the arts. When students have this break from standard education classes, it allows them to learn in a different, more creative way that is different from the way they may think in other classes. With that said, it could help them find the way that they learn best, further allowing them to apply that learning process to other classes in school or aspects in life. Ryan Ace Music is a full supporter of the Arts in Education Week and the Every Student Succeeds Act. Music, theater, dance and visual arts should be offered at schools throughout these United States to guide students to further succeed in not only school, but also work and life afterward.