5 different ways to improve your blog to get more views

 Photo by hanibaram/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by hanibaram/iStock / Getty Images

Every bloggers goal is to generate traffic on their blog, but it isn’t as easy as people think. Sure, a blogger can create very well written blogs but sadly it takes more than talent for a blogger to get the desired attention from the public. With these few tips a blogger could potentially score more popularity on their page

1. Your headline is the most important piece of your blog.

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old saying that many people ignore. As a blogger one must view their headline as a cover to grab people’s attention.

To create a successful headline try using these specific types of words:

-numbers, strong adjectives, smart rationale (reasons,ideas),instructional, beneficial.


2. Write about content that has already been recognized and build on top of it and make better content

Expand, sustain with facts, create a visually pleasing post, and try to dig deeper than other authors.

3. Make your blog practical

It’s proven that the most shared types of content includes:

-how to articles, why, and what posts.

4. Make your blogs easier to share

You must provide relevant social-share buttons on your blogs.

5. Simply ask for a share

Calls to action are a lot more effective than most people believe.