Needed music Pt1. (H.E.R - Take you there)

In this blog we are talking about the new artist, H.E.R’s take you there. If you don’t know H.E.R she was signed to RCA records at age 14. She is now 21 years old and has released a total of four eps. She won best new artist at this years Grammy awards as well as best r&b album at this years Grammy awards off of her ep. She keeps her identity confidential, as she wants it to stay only about her music. To get a better idea of the r&b star here is a YouTube video of an interview not to long ago on the Angie Martinez show.

Back to the main focus of today’s blog, which is the song by H.E.R, take your there. In the song she is discussing a guy or significant other, that she isn't seeing eye to eye with and they likely are on a break or have broken up. She starts by saying.

“where’d you go, who you know,

how i’ve been living without you,

day dreaming on a cloud with you like horizon,

with you tonight is on an island.”

In the first few lines she is likely acknowledging that she is missing her significant other, and just like any normal relationship in a case where they break up or take a break, they likely wonder where their partner is, who there with and spend their free time with, what new friends they have and so on, so it is very relatable. In the second part she seems to be referring to daydreaming about them not having such issues, why do I say this? because just looking at the clouds as the horizon passes over is peaceful, and when going through issues that cause a break up or break to take place not long after you start to wish things were better, that you guys wouldn't fight like you had and could just be happy. Also her saying this shows how much she really does love him and wants to be with him. Despite what they might be going through, she still feels being with him is like being on an island, or paradise. She goes on to say.

“Its about time we’re making up,

times you wasn't with me waking up,

lying if I said I didn't miss your touch I needed to…,

needed to distance myself from you,

just to know you were the truth, so come closer won’t you”

In these lines she is finally saying how she really feels. “it’s about time we’re making up, times you wasn't with me waking up” this is very understandable, after a while of being upset at each other you start to forget why you were upset or get over it, so why continue to be upset? because of pride, which in this song she put aside. She helps us to see that someone has to take the step in ending the break or break up, you cover it with love! She even says she misses him, his touch which is also very understandable especially if they were in a relationship for a long time; but when she says she needed to miss his touch and needed to distance herself from him, this also helps us to see how important space is in a relationship. If things tend to heat up or you guys have been constantly fighting recently, sometimes the best thing to do is give each other time, and in that time you hope to feel as though you miss them, want fix your issues, and that you truly want to be with them, which is why she said just to know you were the truth. Sometimes on breaks or breakups men or women tend to want to find someone else, to move on and so on when things get to out of hand, but some wait it out and hope for things to get better as well. This is what H.E.R is referring to as the truth. She can see that he loves her and she loves him so she wants everything to get better so they can be back on good terms, Which is why she tells him to come closer. H.E.R also asked him to say these things to her, so she wants him to feel the same way, which is more than likely why things stay the way they are longer than needed, because of the other person wanting to hear the words first. She goes on to the hook, to say.

“Can I tell you something for what its worth,

with you heaven is a place on earth and I will take you there,

i’ll take you,

Show you something, give you more than words….”

In the hook she is saying that with him everything is peaceful, that she wants no one else, that she wants to take him there in the sense of him feeling the same way, but she wants to show him her love for him rather than just tell him. To hear the rest of the song, click the button below, of vevo’s audio of the song on YouTube. Let us know what you thought of the song.

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Wikipedia