Can singing in a choir help your health?


Many people often think about church choir, or a schools choir when the word choir is brought up in a conversation, but nowadays there has been a change in attitude towards local choirs. With the help of X-factor and other talent TV shows people are progressively inclined to join their local choir which can become profitable towards them due to the many ways research has proved that singing in choir can improve physical and mental health, as well as encourage social bonding. 


The physical benefits of singing have been a topic that has been researched for many years and it is proven that singing exercises the brain and body. Singing is remarkably known to improve breathing, posture, and muscle tension. This is because when singing you cannot be tense and you must breathe correctly and have good posture to perform well.


Another great benefit of singing is that singing has also been proven to bring a sense of happiness and wellbeing, even more so than listening to music. Research shows that when one is singing there is a release of positive neurochemicals such as endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin.


Singing in a choir brings people together that have a similar hobby influencing social connections which is also a big part of our mental health. Even if a choir member does not talk to anyone it still brings a sense of belonging and connection.


The fact that choirs are becoming more abundant is wonderful news and provides a great way for communities to grow strong together, physically, mentally, and socially. So if you love to sing don’t hesitate to join your local choir, as it will be beneficial to you in all sorts of ways!