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Photo from unsplash by Bruce

Photo from unsplash by Bruce

Have you ever wondered why you or your friend like a certain song or artist, well today we will be discussing a few reasons why we select the music we do. Some reasons people select the music they do is because it is something one may be going through or has went through and can relate to what the artist is saying. Another reason one may select a certain song or topic of music to listen to is because they may want to know that lifestyle. Some people also select certain topics or songs for reinforcement. The last reason that we will discuss in this blog is because one may feel a certain artist, song or song topic understand or describes them.

The first reason mentioned had to do with what one may be going through, went through or can relate to. We all go through different things in life, whether it is bad or good. During that time there are always those songs that totally state your situation, or atleast a good amount of it. It may cause you to cry it out, but it helps you get over the situation. When you can relate to a song it draws you to it because it includes you, and it means something to you. Therefore seeing this as helpful to yourself you are more likely to listen to that song again, or to listen to that artist more often and even listen to songs that talk about that certain topic as well. We at Ryan Ace Music tested this idea out by posting a question and answer on Instagram, in which ones could respond to. The question stated “Why do you choose the music you choose to listen to?” One of those responses were “because I can relate to it.” We will mention more of the responses I received throughout this article.

photo from unsplash by Lechon Kirb

photo from unsplash by Lechon Kirb

Second, people select certain songs for reinforcement. We know your wondering, “what do they mean by that?” Well let us explain. We all go through tough situations, but when we go through those things we all have that one song that comes to mind to help us through it. For example, we all know that one friend that refuses to leave their significant other alone no matter how toxic the relationship becomes, but why? They all have their own reasons, but we won’t get into that. Despite their friend’s telling them they should leave, after they ask for their advice, there’s always that one song that says pretty much what we said, but they must sound better singing or rapping it out to them. These are the songs we consider reinforcement. It helps remind the person what their going through and it can even muster up ones courage to get themselves out of a toxic situation.

Photo from unsplash by Travis Yewell

Photo from unsplash by Travis Yewell

The third topic I mentioned was that one may want to know what ones lifestyle is like. This itself has several topics within it because one may use this type of music to feel as though they are in that person’s situation to escape their own problems. Another reason is because their life may seem a bit more energized and fun, because they can buy anything they would like, travel anywhere and may have way more free time, let alone they are living their dream, and therefore it gets you excited and positive about life and feeling that this will be you one day. One other reason, within this type of reason for listening to music, is to really view things from a different side or to really know what its like to live that lifestyle, it may even influence changes you make within your own life. Also in this specific reason for listening to music it is the reason you will see a bus load of people at a party jumping around knowing all the lyrics to a song that does not describe them at all, but it allows you to feel as though you are living in their life in that moment. A response we got on our Question and answer that we put on Instagram stated “it makes you feel like you’re apart of that person’s life and the vibe catches you.”

Picture from wikipedia

Picture from wikipedia

The Last point we will mention in this blog is that one may feel a certain artist, song or song topic understands or describes them. This kind of goes into the songs you can relate to, but it gets its own category because not only do people want to be able to relate to music, but people want to be understood, and when you don’t feel like you are in your day to day life, you may enjoy listening to music or artist that seem to be feeling misunderstood as well. It helps you to feel understood because you are not the only one misunderstood, but they tend to explain what they mean by this in there songs, and that alone may be the same reasons you feel people misunderstand you in life as well. One stated “it’s about the feeling for me” in response to my Q&A on Instagram.

picture from unsplash Tobias Tullius

picture from unsplash Tobias Tullius

A few people that responded to my Q&A on Instagram mentioned that the reason they pick the music they do is based on the vibe of the song, which we did not mention in this blog, because it will be put into its own blog, you’ll just have to stay tuned in every week to hear more.

There are many reasons we all listen to the music we do, whether we want to say so or not, and as there are many reasons we listen to the music we do, many pieces play a part in that, but today we were able to focus on the emotional or more personal side to that.

picture from unsplash by Samuel Zeller

picture from unsplash by Samuel Zeller

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Behind the music

Picture from unsplash

Picture from unsplash

Today we will be discussing a very important role in music today, songwriters. As well as giving them credit. Today we are able to enjoy multiple genres of great music, but one of the biggest reasons we choose the music we choose is because of the words in the song or message.

A big part of these words/message created through the song are because of the writers. The job of a songwriter is to write certain parts for songs for an artist to record, it is often seen as someone eles ideas or suggestions that would make the song sound better, so they help come up with ideas for the song and help complete a song for an artist. Song writers receive credit as an author, can receive awards and royalties from the success of the songs that they write.

Another type of writer is a ghost writer. A ghost writer, writes entire songs for someone else who is named author, which is why they are considered a ghost. When hired every song written by the ghostwriter is considered the artist’s song. This often becomes a big part of an artist’s career and music when they blow up and are constantly on tour. Artist often don’t have much free time to write so they hire a Ghostwriter. It is often discredited because one is expected to write their own song, especially a rapper; so when all their songs blow up and it’s all because of their ghost writer it seems as though the artist isn't as good as we think, people see them as an actor/actress rather than an rapper or artist. Ghost writers are not credited as a writer on the song, which makes them ineligible for any awards, and they only receive a one-time payment instead of royalties.

Picture from unsplash

Picture from unsplash

As we can see songwriters are a very important part of the music we hear today, we really have to take time to appreciate our songwriters, and it is great to know that if you don’t actually want to perform music but still love making music you too can still be apart of the music heard worldwide today!

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Instagram's Newest Music Feauture

Photo by  Linda Xu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

If you're an active Instagram user, you might be elated to know that the company has made it possible for users to add music to their Instagram stories. This was due to the company making deals with numerous record labels, giving them the permission to pass this feature over to users. It is available in select countries, such as Australia, France, Sweden, Germany, the UK, New Zealand, and the U.S. 

There's an entire library of songs users can choose from upon uploading their content. You can locate this under the "add to story" feature where you will then either take a photo or video and then at the bottom of the screen to your left you will see an option that says music. After clicking on the music icon, you will be shown a list of top songs to choose from, as well as a search bar if you have a particular song in mind you wish to use. After choosing the song, it will automatically be added to your story, along with the option to trim/cut the song to your liking.

All of your favorite summer hits can be found with this latest Insta music feature! If you haven't already, check it out now to upgrade your Insta stories!


Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon: How Do These Music-Streaming Apps Compare?

Photo by  Heidi Sandstrom.  on  Unsplash

The world of CDs, cassette tapes, and records are almost long gone and replaced with streaming. These streaming services allows us to listen to music wherever we are and instead of being limited to one song or one album, paying a small monthly fee or sometimes nothing at all to hear millions of songs anytime, anywhere!

The leading music-streaming apps are Apple music, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music-I'm sure you have at least one downloaded on your phone now. They each provide practically the same service where you can listen to pretty much the same music from each, however they do have slight differences based on the features of price,  content, and the apps themselves. 

The Wall Street Journal discusses these four music-streaming apps and how they compare across five characteristics of price, content, curation, apps, and ecosystem. However, in this blog we will only focus on three, listed above. 


When it comes to price, this is the breakdown:

Amazon Prime Music: free for prime members/$12.99 for non-prime members

Amazon Music Unlimited: $7.99/mo for prime members & $9.99/mo for non-prime members

Apple Music: $9.99/mo or $14.99/mo for a family plan of up to six members

Spotify: free

Sporify Premium: $9.99/mo or $14.99/mo for up to six family members

YouTube Music Premium: $9.99/mo


They all offer similar content, where you will find most of the same songs, artists, albums across all platforms. However some offer unique features that may not be found on the others. For example, Apple music offers exclusive interviews with artists and YouTube Music Premium offers users the service of watching music videos in addition to listening to the song. 

To read a more detailed description of each service including its pros, cons, and what audience or group of people can best benefit from each Music streaming apps, check out Nicholas Deleon's article, Best Music Streaming Services.


In terms of how well each app was created and the features it provides there are some great differences. Spotify is one of the slower apps to load, according to the Wall Street Journal, as well as difficult to use. YouTube Music lacks the basic ability of sorting your library in alphabetical order and Apple has not done a great job of making the visibility friendly across all devices. 

My favorite app to use, however is Spotify, since i have been a member for the last four years and the app has adapted to my past music history. 

Displayed below is a video of the top 5 best music streaming services in 2018. Here you will find a few services mentioned in this blog and a couple that were not, nevertheless this video highlights the pros and cons of each service and what aspect each excels in. Click now to find out more!


Source: YouTube, Published by TechGumbo

Music and Child Development

What benefits does music bring to your children? 

Music and childrens development.PNG

There is a wide range of neuroscience research that explains how children who are exposed to music have a larger growth of neural activity than those children who aren't introduced to music. Why? This is because music involves more than the voice or instrument, it involves the brain. Learning  how to read music is difficult, and takes a lot of practice. Ever try learning how to play the piano? It takes more than one day to perfect the beautiful instrument. We are often fascinated by the young prodigies because learning how to play any instrument is not an easy task. There are several skills a child must learn before being able to play an instrument, but while children learn these musical skills, they are also developing other skills. 

One of these skills is language development. When a child is studying music they are using the left side of their brain that is known to be involved with processing language. "While children come into the world ready to decode sounds and words, music education helps enhance those natural abilities" as said by Mary Luehrisen, executive director of National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). This is seen most prevalent in those children ages two to nine because this is when children begin to learn how to speak and carry a conversation. 

Another skill that is enhanced when a child learn music is spatial intelligence. This allows children to conceptualize  components that should go together. This skill is often linked with math. When a child learns how to play a specific song, they are piecing together many parts of their musical abilities. In the video provided below you can watch a young girl develop a beautiful melody with only four notes. This is a beautiful example of spatial intelligence and music. 

Beside the fact that music can enhance a child's skills, it can also make a child happy. There are more than just brain benefits that come from musical education at a young age. Music is a fascinating art that can bring joy to anyone, and being able to respect music with a deeper understanding is a benefit in itself. 

I would like to thank PBS for publishing the article that provided me with all this wonderful information. Click LEARN MORE to be directed to this article.