Ryan Aceituno has always had a passion for music from an early age. Ever since he started learning to play the piano at 8 years old, he has now become a well-versed musician in over 10 different instruments. But his true musical strengths lie in his vocal expertise. He has received a Degree in Psychology and Music from Stetson University with a focus on Vocal Performance.

Over the years, Ryan has been able to be involved in many different areas of the music industry, from working behind the scenes with digital audio and video production in recording studio environments and live performances, to being a lead performer in Musical Theater shows and Concert Choirs all across the United States, especially at the well-known Carnegie Hall in New York.

He has also had the opportunity to work alongside famous artists, including the likes of Tyson Ritter (All-American Rejects) and Jon Foreman (Switchfoot).

Ryan performed guitar and sang with Tyson Ritter (2015)

Ryan performed guitar and sang with Tyson Ritter (2015)

Ryan assisted with live sound and performed on the piano during Jon Foreman’s “The Wonderlands” Tour (2015)

Ryan assisted with live sound and performed on the piano during Jon Foreman’s “The Wonderlands” Tour (2015)


Ryan has now been working with dozens of students from multiple instruments and disciplines, and he is the founder and owner of Ryan Ace Music, a multi-faceted music business that has worked with over 300 students and supports the performing arts in the Central Florida community.

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His latest project Global Singers has begun to garner some attention online and it involves him providing weekly vocal coaching tips and mini-coaching sessions to people from all over the world. So far he has created a group of over 100 international singers, musicians, and performers who empower each other on a daily basis to become better singers.

Ryan is always looking for new and unique voices to work with and to help broaden their knowledge of music and their vocal technique. And you can become one of them.



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Zachary Meadows

Zachary Meadows is best known as a heart-felt songwriter, and has been performing for the past 5 years in multiple areas around Orlando. He has steadily been growing his fan base, and he recently produced his first music video with the help from Dun Owl Studios.

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Yoliann Reyes

When Yoliann was 10 years old, with the support of her family, Yoliann decided to pursue music and audition in the Viva la Voz Kids singing talent competition. She stayed among the finalists, and since that day her life has been centered around her passion to sing. She had the opportunity to belong to the group Los Niños Trovadores de la Tierra Alta de Jayuya, and has participated in several presentations and activities in Jayuya and in different towns of Puerto Rico. In June of 2017 she moved to Florida, where she continued to develop her passion under the help of Ryan’s vocal coaching.

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